University Open Days and Subtitling

University Transcriptions (our sister site) has had a flood of enquiries from a number of universities in recent times as they get into full swing hosting virtual open days. Each open day involves various presentations and information talks being completed online rather than face to face. A number of universities transcribe the talks or provide subtitles.

Universities are looking to get their talks and presentations subtitled and there is quite a demand for this work at the moment.

Accurate Subtitling Required

University Transcriptions and TP Transcription have been undertaking accurate subtitling work for various academic institutions for many years. By way of example we assist the University of Birmingham Stakeholder Relations team with subtitles for their Vice Chancellor’s Debate sessions. Accurate subtitling should not be confused with the automated subtitling services, which are usually nowhere near accurate enough to be used without extensive checking.

Open Day Calendar

For all the open days – and there are quite literally hundreds in November, please visit, who have a comprehensive calendar.

A Recent Order

We have recently taken an order for 100 x 15 minute video subtitling (closed captions) for a university in the London area. The order is for the subtitling to be provided in .SRT format. This is quite common – we regularly take orders for .SRT files and most orders are for closed captioning, which of course gives complete flexibility on whether the subtitling is viewable. Open captioning (‘always on’ subtitling) is another option of course, but this does not give you the flexibility to choose to keep subtitling on or off.

If you require assistance with your virtual open days and accurately subtitling videos, please get in touch. We have plenty of capacity with a fast turnaround if required and we would be happy to help!

Our Accreditations

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10% Profits to Charity

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