Audio File Upload Options

There are a number of ways to transfer your audio & video digital files to us for transcription. Most of our clients use our UK based HTTPS/SFTP TLS 1.3 with AES-256 encryption secure upload system to send us their digital files as the quickest, easiest, safest and most effective transcription upload solution.

Upload Audio to Our Server

Suitable for all digital file formats, you can use our UK based HTTPS/SFTP TLS 1.3 with AES-256 encryption secure upload system – simply click here (or the Upload files link in the drop down menu above), choose your files, specify the return time you require, add any instructions and upload your audio. Fast and safe option. We will transcribe the recording and return by email. 1GB maximum upload per file.


Suitable only for smaller sized files and .DSS files. .DSS files are usually associated with Olympus audio recording equipment. The company have made their files so compressed that usually a recording of up to 45-60 minutes can be emailed through. Usually any audio file less than 20mb in size will be delivered safely to us.


If your files are located on your local server we can download the files directly. This technique is used regularly by a large number of academic institutions.


Post USB (memory) sticks, CDs and other similar storage media to our office.

Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive

File sharing utilities which allow you to put a folder on your desktop with a folder stored in the cloud online. Free to use; simply install, set up and share the folder containing your files with and

Very powerful US based 3rd party file transfer programmes. The basic versions are free, but you are limited in size of file to transfer (Hightail is 100mb and is 2GB). Check the current rates for information.


You can Whatsapp your audio files to us using 07494 796808 from your smartphone.

**Sendspace – avoid this service – unsafe** is a 3rd party file transfer programme and we do not recommend you use it. Although you can send any file, any size, anywhere in the world, completely free of charge, it involves entering credit card details and navigating pages of pop up adverts, which is never a good thing. We have had experiences involving entering credit card details in order to access the file uploads and random services have been subscribed to that we have never asked for. Provided you do not click the premium service buttons you will not incur any costs, but there are difficulties at both ends of the service – accessing the files as well as uploading them and its very easy to press the wrong button! Avoid at all costs. We recommend Dropbox or WeTransfer if you are unable to use our own SSL secure server upload service.

Media Formats

We work with a full range of audio and video digital file formats – for a list of these please click here. We can also assist with a range of media, including (but not excluding any others): VHS Video, CD, DVD, standard cassette tapes, microcassette tapes, macrocassette tapes, mini disks and records.

Our Accreditations

We are Cyber Essentials Plus audited annually and we hold the Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certificates. We are UKAS ISO 27001:2022 audited and accredited and ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 systems accredited company. We are members of the American Translators Association and we are assessed for GDPR compliance annually by IASME (Cyber Assurance Level 1).

10% Profits to Charity

10% of our profits are donated to the Ten Percent Foundation, a charitable trust registered in the UK. Since 2000 over £150,000 has been donated to projects in Africa and the UK. Click here for details.