TP Transcription News Round Up

Its been a busy week at TP Transcription Headquarters. This is a roundup of our news..

The University of Birmingham Vice-Chancellor’s Great Debate

We have been involved in transcribing the University of Birmingham’s Great Debate. This was a round table discussion on Zoom looking at trolls, flat-earthers and fake news purveyors, looking at the challenges faced when trusting social media.

The debate was filmed on Thursday, 21 May, is hosted by journalist and presenter Ritula Shah, and she was joined by Anne McElvoy, Senior Editor of The Economist, Will Moy, Chief Executive of Full Fact, Isabel Oakeshott, political journalist and commentator and Alice Roberts, Professor of Public Engagement in Science at the University of Birmingham. The Vice Chancellor David Eastwood also contributes.

You can watch the debate here: Word of warning – our managing director watched a bit, intending to only spend a short time on it and ending up viewing the entire debate. Its very engaging. So far the debate has had over 20,000 views and had 9,000 people watching when it premièred.

Feedback from an MBA Student

We have been busy this week completing a range of projects as the academic funding season draws to a close.

H is an MBA student conducting an ongoing project involving interviewing on a one to one basis.

“Thanks Anna, I have now had a chance to have a proper look at the 3 transcriptions and compare them with the audio recording and am really happy with their accuracy. Our staff team are very diverse so there are lots of different accents and varieties in language. As I know most employees well, I have been able to accurately interpret the few parts that have been labelled as unclear”.

Query from a University Lecturer

We received this query from a client and thought it may be of interest to a number of people at the moment:

You recently did some transcription work for me, which I was very happy with, and wondered if you can help with another project. I have received some funding for transcription. The catch is that the money needs to be spent before the end of July but I haven’t collected the data yet (this will start shortly). Would it be possible for you to invoice for the work before I send the audio files?

The quick answer is yes, the longer answer is that we have been providing this service for many years and it works well. Essentially we hold your funds on credit until you use them up. You can take as long as you want to do this, there are no time restrictions. So if you get funding now for transcription work but do not complete your project for say 24 months, you could send us over the recordings as and when you needed our assistance.

This is very common for transcription work and we regularly get requests to book in work before it is completed. We are preferred suppliers to a large number of universities and our service is used and trusted by a large number of academic clients. Our specialist academic transcription website is

If you have any questions regarding this please give our Managing Director Anna Gresty a ring on 01745 813306 or email her personally –

Our Accreditations

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