Podcast Transcription from 80p per minute

Podcasts are booming at the moment, and transcribing them is becoming a busy part of our day to day work. Popular with commuters for years, they are usually free to listen to, easy to tune into without needing to pay attention and available on demand. They are a disruptive medium, taking on the might of the radio stations, and essentially enable anyone to say anything they like and pick up an audience. Very much like YouTube, but audio rather than video.

We are seeing a large increase in the number of clients asking us to transcribe podcasts and so this article is all about how we can assist and common questions asked about podcast transcription.

How much does it cost to transcribe a podcast?

Our podcast transcription prices start at 80p per minute. This is the cost of transcribing a one speaker podcast and the return not being time specific. Our standard return time is 14 days. The price increases depending on the number of speakers on the audio file and the turnaround time required.

Can I ask for any podcast to be transcribed?

No. You need to ask the author of any podcast for permission to make a written copy of the audio file. Usually podcasts are copyright and the ownership of the recording of the podcast belongs to the person who recorded it. It is an original piece of work and hence there is an automatic assumption that the ownership rights belong to the person recording it and you cannot copy it without the owners’ consent. Making a written copy of an audio file is a breach of copyright if you do not ask.

How many MB is a 1 hour podcast?

The average 60 minute audio podcast is 25MB. This is fine to upload for transcription using our file upload service.

What audio file format should I record my podcast in?

MP3. Pretty much all podcasts are MP3 files – they are easy to manipulate, small in size, convertible and provide a good standard of audio quality.

How do I find podcasts?

They are available all over the place. From The Guardian newspaper app to the BBC, you can get them on your iphone, you can download numerous apps to listen to them. A lot of websites have them as well.

How much data will I use listening to a 1 hour podcast?

In theory, you will use about 60MB for every hour you listen to a podcast, although this will vary according to the recording and amount of data used in the first place to record it.

What do I need to record a podcast?

Not a lot. A smart phone will usually do the trick. On an iPhone simply click the “Voice Memos” app, press the red button and start talking! The sound quality is good enough for you to record a podcast.

However if you want to add jingles, higher quality recordings and sound effects you will need a lot more equipment. A quality microphone, headphones, a ‘pop filter’ will all add to your capabilities and enable your recording to be that be higher quality.

What software should I use to record a podcast?

Either use the existing app on your smartphone – so on the iPhone use the Voice Memo app. You can also use Audacity – available for Windows and Mac operating systems, or GarageBand – available on the Mac operating system. Audacity is free but GarageBand is usually paid for (free to some students).

How do Podcasts make Money?

This is one of the contentious parts of podcast recording. Quite a lot of well known podcasters will promote products and services or have sponsors who support their podcast series. You will often hear a podcaster say “welcome to my podcast, supported today by Nobbies Nutlets, top suppliers of food for fussy dogs. Buy their high quality products – I love eating them myself, they taste great!” Or something similar. The product or service may have nothing to do with the podcast but this is the way the podcasters will make money from their podcasts.

Can you use Zoom to record podcasts?

Yes absolutely – very easy – simply click the record button and then download the audio file once you have finished the call. We transcribe Zoom files constantly at the moment – the standard of audio is usually excellent.

Why would you want to transcribe a podcast?

Hard of hearing clients may well want to read the content of podcasts, but one of the main reasons for transcribing podcasts is so that an author of a podcast has another medium to promote their podcast through. If you transcribe an audio file you can then use the text on your websites, in emails, in press releases or news items, you can add the file as a pdf to your website, you can add a post to your blog. It is a simple trick to increase your website page ranking on the search engines and does not cost a lot.

How do I transcribe an audio podcast for free?

You can use Google Docs, Apple Pages, or just your note app on your iphone. Simply open a document or note, click the voice typing tool, and start speaking. The software will transcribe your spoken word. Word of warning – this is incredibly frustrating to use! But it is free..

To request a quote for your podcast to be accurately transcribed by experts, please click here. We work in all languages and in all countries around the world.

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