Personal Orders for University Staff

Something that comes up quite frequently as a query is the question from academic staff as to whether we can undertake work for them on a personal basis when we are suppliers to their university. TP Transcription also trades as University Transcriptions and we are preferred suppliers to large number of UK and EU Universities for transcription and translation work.

This has become quite a frequent question in recent times, so we thought a quick article explaining how it works might assist.

Identify Personal Work

If you are a lecturer or researcher at a particular university and you have been using us for a university funded project, which is very common, you may have a piece of work that you require a transcription for but for your personal use only. We have come across this for staff who are completing their own research or books and require audio recordings transcribing to enable them to do this.  Similarly sometimes we get staff who have recordings that relate to personal matters that they require transcribing as well. The usual concern is that if they send it to us we will bill their university for the work and not them.

Purchase Orders

It should assist to know that in most cases when a piece of work is ordered via a university and the university is paying for it, the payment for that work is only done where there is a purchase order in place. A purchase order will set out exactly what the scope of the work is and what is covered by the university funding. Each recording will usually be set out under the purchase order and so both our finance department and the university finance department know exactly what work is being done.

Personal Work is Separate

If you have personal work that requires completion let us know it is for personal use and then we can set up a personal account. This will automatically flag up on our system so that we know it is not part of the funded project, but instead is personal work. Very often when an individual asks us to complete work and we are suppliers to their university, we will simply ask the client to put a note on any files that are uploaded to say that it is a personal order. In fact we can even provide a quote number to enable you to be sure that we are not going to bill the university for the work.

So you can see that it is very straightforward for us to undertake work on a personal basis for individuals as well as institutions. We are very used to doing this and have been working with some staff in universities on a personal basis for many years as and when required. If you would like to have a chat about anything in this article with our managing director Anna Gresty, please feel free to get in touch via our contact page, and Anna would be happy to help.

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