How do I pay for transcription or translation work?

We invoice you once the work is complete. We do not ask for payment in advance. Payment methods include Visa Debit and Credit, MasterCard Debit and Credit, American Express, Paypal, Stripe, bank transfer and cheque.

How much do you charge for transcription?

Click here for a list of our current prices and an instant quote. Personalised quotations available on request. Contact us for quotes for 50 hours of work or more.

Do you charge extra for difficult accents?

No. We have transcribers with many years experience and expertise in transcribing strong regional accents and second language English speakers. Unlike a lot of our competitors we do not charge extra for transcribing strong accents. The same applies for our transcription services in other languages.

The audio quality is poor – will you charge more?

No. We do not charge extra for background noise or poor quality recordings. We have specialist software that boosts particular frequencies and assists us to detect and extract the speech from a recording. If the voices on the recording are completely inaudible we will let you know before commencing work and discuss options for accessing…

Do you accept Purchase Orders (PO)

Yes we do. If you need to raise a PO get in touch and we can provide a formal quote with the full cost of your transcriptions which makes completing a POR (purchase order request) form easier. For customers who are uploading files regularly we can send a quote at the end of each month…

Do you offer discounts to students?

Unfortunately when it comes to transcription our prices are not set at a level where we are able to offer a discount to students and maintain a sufficient level of profit to resource the company. We offer some of the lowest prices in the UK for English to English transcription using native English speakers. Discounts…

Can I place an order for work to be completed in the future?

Can I place an order for work to be completed in the future: Yes, absolutely. This option is very popular with our university clients who often need to get clearance for projects from their finance departments prior to budget deadlines. Simply estimate the size of your order and we can provide an invoice for payment…

Our Accreditations

We are Cyber Essentials Plus audited annually and we hold the Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certificates. We are UKAS ISO 27001:2022 audited and accredited and ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 systems accredited company. We are members of the American Translators Association and we are assessed for GDPR compliance annually by IASME (Cyber Assurance Level 1).

10% Profits to Charity

10% of our profits are donated to the Ten Percent Foundation, a charitable trust registered in the UK. Since 2000 over £150,000 has been donated to projects in Africa and the UK. Click here for details.